2002 Lemond Buenos Aires Road Bike For Sale

In this case it would S-1 (temporarily) for me. I'm a true bike nerd. I have six bikes and as I'm often being told by my wife"you can only ride 1 at a time Ray"!  'That not true' I say  'I've seen circus actsContinue Reading ››


Recently the Oregon Legislature signed a transportation package that includes a bicycle tax, a $15 excise tax applied to 26" or bigger bicycles over $200. Already Colorado is considering taking similar measures. The target of this new revenue is bicycle infrastructure. So let me see … Continue Reading ››

The Sun Don’t Shine On The Same Dog All The Time

Nothing better than the Saturday morning up tempo ride trying to hang on with the fit lads and lasses. Things start moving pretty fast right away. I'm listening to the chain dropping onto the next cog and the buzz from the tires changing pitch as my heart rate climbs along with … Continue Reading ››

Pathetic Superfluous Adulation

Due in no small part to my attention deficit and short term memory problems this post has lingered on the TO DO pile. But fear not, I'm back pecking away. I kinda like short term memory lose by the way. I mean I git ta … Continue Reading ››

It’s Just A Number And I’m Likin’ Mtn. Bikin’

Given that imagination/ inspiration are the well spring  of creativity I was inspired to write this beginning with the unstoppable reality that by the time I'm finished and happy with it I'll have turned 64 years old, the 43rd anniversary of my 21st birthday and as you … Continue Reading ››

Velominati Keeper Of The Cogs Rule 42 Challenged

owl1 It's now January 2017 and while I started writing this in  December my brain is a bit eclectic, easily distracted keeping everything in the moment. By now most of the good ol U.S. of A has been experiencing  Valley Forge conditions as we here in Margarettaville enjoy … Continue Reading ››