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Hey Let’s Ride The Shire Today

riding the shire1/19/16: The entry into Yorkshire is closed and being used to stage equipment etc. for Rt 75 improvements and who knows for how long. The area is accessible via Raintree.

This is a revisit to my 2012 post entitled Yorkshire Loop … Continue Reading ››

Get Outta Town

ellabell2015Dear readers. I'm writing this slow cause I know you don't read fast. Monday 4/13/15: Dreadfully tired today. Way too much weekend. Lots of hard miles ridden, sore, bone weary, bleary eyed, wobbly, worse for wear and tear, more rest needed, need coffee, a few days off … Continue Reading ››

Everything Happen For A Reason,

things happenand sometimes that reason is that you're stupid and make bad decisions. Take for example Saturday 1/31/15. I decide to test my strength and stamina by riding with Cycle Haus, the  local Top Gun School. Anyway it’s always the same route but the ride is always … Continue Reading ››