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It’s Just A Number And I’m Likin’ Mtn. Bikin’

Given that imagination/ inspiration are the well spring  of creativity I was inspired to write this beginning with the unstoppable reality that by the time I'm finished and happy with it I'll have turned 64 years old, the 43rd anniversary of my 21st birthday and as you … Continue Reading ››

Bike Nerd

DSCN3864Bike Nerd (Urban Dictionary, Lingo, Jargon): A person who regularly rides a bicycle. When not riding they can be found cleaning and tweaking  their bicycles. They watch cycling on the tv., Le Tour being their Super Bowl. They read about and study  bicycles, talks excessively and passionately about all things … Continue Reading ››

Get Outta Town

ellabell2015Dear readers. I'm writing this slow cause I know you don't read fast. Monday 4/13/15: Dreadfully tired today. Way too much weekend. Lots of hard miles ridden, sore, bone weary, bleary eyed, wobbly, worse for wear and tear, more rest needed, need coffee, a few days off … Continue Reading ››