2002 Lemond Buenos Aires Road Bike For Sale

In this case it would S-1 (temporarily) for me. I’m a true bike nerd. I have six bikes and as I’m often being told by my wife”you can only ride 1 at a time Ray”!  ‘That not true’ I say  ‘I’ve seen circus acts where’………. (I’m not going to win this discussion.)

I’m willing to part with this American Beauty. 2002 Lemond American built (by Trek) Buenos Aires 53 MM steel road bike built to Greg Lemond’s specification which is simply lower and longer. Reynolds 853 tubing. Shimano Ultegra 6500 9 speed groupo, Standard crank, double, 3T cockpit, carbon front fork, Shimano Dura Ace C24 Wheel Set, Fiz’i:k saddle and Shimano 3 bolt pedals. The plastic badges on the shift levers are gone. The crank has some slop in it although it runs smooth and quiet.

I didn’t investigate this, not having the proper tools. I rode this bike recently and was reminded once again how smooth and quiet a steel bike can be. I’m parting with it  to raise cash to purchase another off road bike. I will consider trading for an off road bike.

With Dura Ace C24 Wheel Set $900

With Giant PSL-1 DT Swiss Made Wheel Set $600

Available for local pickup. I will ship it to you at your expense.

Contact me rayheisey@protonmail.com

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