Flow Like Water


It’s about 5:30 AM Monday November 30/2015, a rest day,  and I’m sitting on the front porch with coffee. Low 60’s clear as a bell and I’m wearing a  sweatshirt star & planet gazing. The house has been open for awhile already, air conditioning off, ceiling fans at rest .This old house2015-november-28-venus-spica-300x300 was built back when tons of windows were in style. We’ve been busy remodeling and it’s finally starting to  feel like home.The breezes have arrived and the joy of Florida living is upon us. No full finger glove yet but I’ve been wearing long sleeves. Soon I’ll need to cover my ears and legs, can’t wait.


math question Okay so here’s your homework assignment.

Ray plans on riding 10,000 miles this year. He has ridden 9,164 miles so far and has 22 ride days left in December. How many miles does he have to ride each time to meet his goal? Remember! Show your work!

And of course the answer is 38 miles / ride.

I wasn’t able to solve this in my head. Do they still teach math this way, long division? And of course the answer is no, they just ask Cortana or Siri. While both were quick with their cipher neither showed their work and that’s just wrong.  A long overdue shout out to my public education and especially to Miss Miller my 4th grade teacher for beating long division into my head. No….she wasn’t a Nun. Worse! Mennonite !! Miss Miller was a spare the rod and spoil the child believer, she and her wooden ruler. Pretty sure that corporal punishment has been dropped as a teaching aid! ANYWHO.

The wife is always good for a Zen or Zen like philosophical statement. Out of the blue I’ll hear her say “You become the 5 people you hang out with.” If you think about it that makes it easy to change who you are, just change your friends! WOW!  Want to have a positive outlook hang out with positive people. Want to be happy hang out with happy people. Want to be terrified and unhappy……….ahh……….watch the news, read the paper, drive on Rt. 41, try to get a table at your favorite restaurant during season, then hang out with others who do the same. Want to improve your fitness / health hang out with fit healthy people. Could it actually be that easy especially when it comes to your health? Sure would be nice. There are always going to be obstacles that will be difficult to overcome.  And then I hear the wife again  “Flow like water. Adjust to the obstacles and you will find the way.” Then there’s Bruce Lee; “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”   (HMMM………I’m gonna start thinking I’m Cadel Evans. Easy enough.) Truth is while hanging around happy positive people is great for the attitude and soul, helping you with health issues, well maybe with the coping.per

Are we not the victims of our passions? Yet still we persist and when ask why we do these things we just smile. We know someone asking that question will never really get it. Strenuous activity can lead to all kinds of musculosketetal system issues as you are fully aware, especially with older endurance athletes. It’s a reality that no Zen philosophy can prevent.  Flow like water meets Mr. Pulled  Groin Muscle. Just be smart about it. Rest is good. I often rest with my heating pad and my legs elevated.

Maybe the seasoned athlete need to raise the bar less, just maintain. Maybe. I’ll let you know about that when I get old. I just love the fact that older athletes are those past 30. That makes me a fossil, but around here I have a lot of company. Charlotte Co. Florida is God’s waiting room and while my northern friends are getting on their winter time junk bike or worse, their indoor training torture contraption, we are now riding on dry roads with very comfortable conditions. The snow birds are showing up  on their high speed low drag carbon fiber road bikes looking all that and a bag of chips. Some show up strong and ready to go while others are a bit rusty but determined. AS FOR ME…..

everyone rides vip 2015It’ll be hard to uncrack this egg, this quest for 10,000 miles. To do it without it becoming an obligation or worse…………a job, has become the real goal. Cycling is suppose to be fun after all.  I have some big group rides planned, metric centuries and all. They’ll definitely help. Turns out that a few of my friends are on the 10,000 miles for 2015 brink as well but of course there’s no competition going on. Of course not. (More fuel for the fire.) And then there’s a guy I know who’s surpassed 18,000 miles for the year. Makes me look like a real slacker.

There’s really nothing I can think of that can prevent this from happening, BUT……….. . Did you ever have one of those” I lost my car keys” panic attacks! Sure you have. It’s Saturday 12/5/15 and I’ve just completed the Everyone Rides VIP Ride. I’m in the car and I can’t find my Garmin. Crap! Just saw it a minute ago! And so I proceed to tear the truck apart until I finally locate it under the seat. I’m perplexed on how it got there but that’s the kinda thing I’m talking about. Without Garmin there is no Strava input. Manual entry with Strava is an option of course but how good can that be? You could tap in any ol thing, maybe not you but you know what I’m talkin’ about.  And what about this whole virtual Strava data base?  What if it were to just mysteriously vanish? You see the way my mind is working as I near the completion of this Fools Journey. Paranoia is creeping into my delicate psycheWell not really. Again who really cares? Well as it turns out I actually have a small rooting section. Hey if all else fails I’ll just drive around in the truck with my Garmin on. You see this from time to time on Strava where someone puts up a huge number taking a bunch of KOM’s only to be flagged because of their 70 mph top speed!

I’ve added the Strava Widget to the page over there on the right so feel free to follow me. My plan is to keep the ax sharp so I don’t need to swing so hard as I near the end of the year.

12/13/2015 Strava Update: 10,000-9627 /12=31.1 miles/ ride

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