My Continental 5000 Real World Results

Pedanticpe·​dan·​tic  adjective.  “like a pedant,” someone who’s too concerned with literal accuracy or formality. It’s a negative term that implies someone is showing off book learning or trivia, especially in a tiresome way. You don’t want to go riding with a pedantic friend, who will use the opportunity to bore you with his in-depth knowledge of  the Shimano Di2 software, his ftp and/or his Vo2 Max, for example.

Well……… some would have ridden it further. As for me, riding in close quarters with others, paceline…..not so much. 4144 miles and done, by my standards. Still showing the wear dimples but the side wall cut bothered me.  It didn’t bulge but it wasn’t gonna get any better.  I recall 3 rear flats during the 4000+ miles, all metal splinters from truck tires that have become all too common on our roadways. There are numerous smaller cuts, scuffs and a flat spot from locking up the rear brake at some point, which I’m sure triggered the Garmin Alert. I’ve figgered (sp) out how to shut down the alert before it ends up on my wife’s phone and she goes into panic mode. It’s pretty cool actually, showing her via Google Maps where I’ve crashed. It does seem a bit sensitive, maybe there’s an adjustment hidden somewhere in the head unit menu options (pedantic).

All and all not bad for a rear road bike tyre here in SWFL. Continental’s claim for the 5000 was such when compared to the 4000. Okay. They also claim better puncture resistance. I had 3 flats as mentioned. Everyone knows that a tire can be destroyed within 5 minutes of installation and so Continental’s puncture resistance claim is not based on my real world riding. Their roll resistance improvement claim is also something they’ve determined in the lab and the experts all agree. They do roll real nice . I run about 90 psi and they are comfy. I don’t seem to loose any performance at 90 psi. Want to enter into a discussion about proper tire pressures? Didn’t think so (pedantic). I have them mounted on HED  Jet 4  Plus wheels

Mennonite Micrometer NIST Traceable
+- 1000 nm

which are 21 mm wide inside, 25 mm outside. The plus size rim allows the tyre to plump up wider than the labeled width.

25  mm tires measure approx. 28 mm on my plus size rims, for example, or slightly wider than the rim. HED says that tires wider than the rim create an aerodynamic penalty. Aerodynamics rule here in Margarettaville  but the least aero thing on my bike is me! Riding in the paceline equalizes aerodynamics especially with riders who are bigger, or in my case, most of them. But of course you will want to take the pull.

Here’s what I will attest to regarding the 5000. They are a breeze to mount up. No tools required. And the price is no where near what they were listed at a year ago. I paid about $37.00 a piece delivered. A bit more than the 4000’s I’ve bought in the past.

Get this! A very good friend was able to mount 28 mm 5000’s on his newer road bike due to their lower profile and probably his plus size rims. Too much tire for me aerodynamically speaking (pedantic) but good news for those with older road bikes and /or narrower wheels with clearances not allowing much bigger than a 23 mm.

I left the front tire alone, not bearing near the load of the rear it looks real good, even retaining much of it’s crown. Dry rot will probably occur before it fails other wise.

Really! I just put this on! Less than 20 miles into it’s life and a steel splinter flat. Wish I could say it’s the first time I had trouble with a brand new tyre but it’s not. Had one blow out at the bead very early on and had an early on flat with the Continental 4000’s I relied on for years. I can hear it now. “Ray time to go tubeless”. I agree for off road riding with bigger tires and lower pressures but for road riding with higher pressures I’m hesitant, what with having to repair a catastrophic failure out on the road. Yes I know that with tubeless you still carry a tube but breaking the tyre down and inserting the tube is at least gonna be messy.  Better clean the tyre bead and the rim clincher up real good. Also need to know how tough it is to mount a tubeless road bike tire. My move into tubeless with my gravel bike may lay some of these questions to rest, so who knows.

There you have it… that’s it. A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants. The fact that I bought a 2nd pair of  Continental 5000 25 mm clinchers says it all, I like them,  especially @ 37 bucks /.  I really don’t have any thing to compare them to except the 4000, which I also like. Here’s hoping I get another 6 + months out of a rear tyre and that your results are even better. Thanks for stopping by.

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